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Peter Sutton volunteered on Lifeline’s phones for 19 years, empowering the individuals who call us for support.

“Every call is individual, and it’s important to help people to realise what they can do to help themselves.” Peter says.

“It’s a very levelling experience. I have learnt so much about other people, but I have also learnt so much about myself. Lifeline is a community of wonderful people—the benefits really to outweigh the costs.”

Peter is one of many volunteers with stories from the phone rooms. Explore more stories like Peter’s below.

Dennis' story

Lifeline helped Dennis through some of his darkest moments. After 19 years in the army, his work on the front lines is not over. He is a trained Telephone Crisis Supporter, volunteering on the phones, helping save lives every day.

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“Volunteering is so rewarding, particularly when you’ve helped someone to stay safe.”

Christine, Crisis Support Worker

Rachel's Story

Rachael Stevens was 17 years old when she attempted to take her own life. She was found by a friend who took her to hospital. It was on the way, almost too late, that she first thought the decision she'd made might have been the wrong one.

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