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Dealing with People in Difficult Situations

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  • 4 hours
  • Free


Designed for individuals in people facing roles, Dealing with People in Difficult Situations has been crafted to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge necessary for effective communication.

This program provides participants with a diverse set of proven communication skills, and empowers them to foster effective communication and skilfully de-escalate challenging conversations as they unfold.

Course topics

The key outcomes of this course are

  1. What is an accidental counsellor
  2. Communication and listening skills
  3. Dealing with people in difficult situations
  4. Boundary and limit setting
  5. Self care and debriefing to use after challenging interactions

Key outcomes

  • Enhanced communication skills in challenging interactions
  • How and when to refer someone
  • Setting boundaries
  • Self-care and self-reflection

Who is this for?

The target audience for this course is:

  • Anyone in a people facing role (client or team leadership)
  • Anyone exposed to challenging situations, interactions and conversations
  • Anyone who has previously completed the Accidental Counsellor program and would like a refresher

Course structure

  • Delivery: face-to-face, or online
  • Participants: min 8, max 18 per course
  • Cost: available on request

Make a booking

To make a booking for your corporate group, please contact us via email on training@act.lifeline.org.au