How long have you been volunteering with Lifeline Canberra? 

  • Just on 10 years.

How did you get started volunteering with Lifeline Canberra?

  • I had done it about 20 years ago, and then life and family got in the way, I had always wanted to come back when I could.

What keeps you volunteering with Lifeline Canberra? 

  • Many people don’t have people in their lives that really listen to them, or what they are willing to share their painful thoughts with. Being able to provide that service for people is what keeps me volunteering.

What does taking a call on the Crisis Line mean to you?

  • Connecting with someone and really hearing them is a privilege. it can be scary, but it’s also really fulfilling. The insight that I gain about how other people – often very different from me – experience life, is something that I hope makes me a more empathetic person.