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Lock Up Your Boss 2019 Launched

The Lock Up Your Boss initiative is running virtually for the third year after an overwhelming success in 2017 and 2018. Similar support in the lead-up to 2019’s event has solidified the commitment of the community to Lifeline Canberra’s invaluable support services. Too many Canberrans are lost to suicide every year, and the importance of mobilising community support remains paramount.

Lifeline Canberra CEO, Ms Carrie Leeson, said that the event was created as a result of a long standing partnership with SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank.

“Lock Up Your Boss is an event that allows individuals and their employers the opportunity to start conversations, to reach out and educate around mental health, and to raise funds for crisis support and suicide prevention in Canberra. The support prior to launching has been unprecedented.”

Matthew Smith, the Chief Executive of long-term partner of the program, SERVICE ONE confirmed his organisation’s continued support.

“As a social enterprise, we’re passionate about investing in organisations and initiatives that make a positive societal impact. With so many Canberrans struggling with mental health, the crisis support and suicide prevention services that Lifeline Canberra provides to our community are critical and SERVICE ONE is proud of our ongoing association with this initiative. I’ll be participating again this year and put the call out to bosses across our region to get involved… get your workforce involved, have a bit of fun and importantly, all money raised goes to a truly great cause!”

Ally Stephens, from The Mark Agency, who was the top fundraiser from Lock Up your Boss 2018 is back on deck for 2019.

“Mental illness can affect everyone – the strong and the weak – it doesn’t discriminate. In 2015, I lost my brother, Shane to suicide so the prevention of suicide is something very personal and close to my heart. Which is why last year I raised approx. $7.5k, and this year I want to double it! So I am going to set a target of $15k. If this is achieved I am going to face one of my greatest fears and visit the ZOO and have a snake put on my shoulders. Those who know me well would know how petrified I am of snakes to the point where I have to look away when they are on TV and I can’t even look at a picture of a snake.”

Dr Elizabeth Moore, ACT’s Coordinator General at the Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing is confident her colleagues will ‘bail’ her out because they are acutely aware of the vital frontline service Lifeline offers Canberrans at a time of crisis.

“We know that access to services such as Lifeline is very important for people in distress who may be thinking of suicide. Getting involved in Lifeline Canberra’s ‘Lock Up Your Boss’ initiative lets me talk about suicide prevention and the things we can all do to promote our mental health and wellbeing and that of our friends, our family and our community. I hope my ‘virtual imprisonment’ generates much needed funds to support this vital service.”

Additional Information:

One Canberran is lost to suicide every week.

Suicide is the leading cause of preventable death in Australia.

Suicide rates are at a 10 year high.

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