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It takes a lot of dedicated people to provide Lifeline's telephone crisis support services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, across Australia. Lifeline Canberra relies on support from the community to answer the crisis support line, raise funds and run the iconic Bookfair events.


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Lifeline Canberra earns a major part of its funding by selling thousands of donated items at our three Bookfairs. We offer a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books for all ages, as well as magazines and pamphlets, comic books and atlases, records, CDs and DVDs, games and puzzles.

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Lifeline Canberra is proud to partner with the following providers of professional well-being services.

jennifer-sexton-137Your Journey Meditation - Jennifer Sexton

Jennifer Sexton first trained and worked as a registered nurse, specialising in paediatric critical care in Melbourne, Australia. In 1989, she moved to journalism, and has spent the years since working as a journalist, broadcaster and producer in radio, television and multi media, mainly working for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Jennifer has been researching and practising meditation since 1990. She spent over a decade studying language-based mind sets with Emotional Literacy expert Rosa Ana Bucknell. Jennifer has completed the Certificate IV in Workplace and Training Assessment.

Jennifer lives in Canberra with her husband Michael and children.

Visit: www.yourjourney.com.au

Meditation is a discipline of the mind. It involves stilling the mind for a period of time. It is a conscious, aware state, in the present moment, not taken up with the past or future, and with out judgement. The mind is still, completely present in the moment, and the attention is focussed.

Meditation is a skill, and like all skills requires practise to become proficient.

There are many types of meditation. Some are passive meditations, where the focus is to still the mind. More active meditations are focussed on self exploration, changing some aspect of behaviour, or improving the quality of life.

The Your Journey Guided Meditation DVD facilitates meditation, bringing the mind to stillness through a composition of music, vocal prompts and specially crafted imagery. The DVD conditions the mind to meditation. The video fast tracks what took years for the developer to achieve. The book Your Journey Home takes the use of the DVD to the next level, providing additional support and insights on meditation.

Meditation provides benefits. There has been enough research done to show that meditation at the very least stimulates a relaxation response in the body. People who meditate report a decrease in stress and increased wellbeing. But what you get out of meditation depends entirely on you and your intent.


logo-new Tidy Temple

Tidy Temple Yoga - Kristin & Rob Ginnivan

Tiddy Temple Yoga (TTY) was founded by Kristin Ginnivan on 7 March 2012 when she taught her first Corporate yoga class in the city. TTY operates in partnership with Tidy Temple Pty Ltd (a health and wellness global network community started by Rob Ginnivan in 2010 with Kristin's support).

Exposed to yoga over 45 years ago in India and as the owner/founder of Tidy Temple Yoga, Kristin's vision is "Yoga for Everyone". Therefore, TTY offer some form of yoga for all ages and abilities 7 days a week during the school terms.

The name Tidy Temple refers to the saying "Your body is a temple" and as such we believe it should be well cared for. This means caring for your body mentally, spiritually and physically. As yoga is defined as "... the art and science of bringing balance and rejuvenation to body, mind and soul" it only seems fitting to call our practice Tidy Temple Yoga.

Classes are offered from 3 locations: the TTY Yoga Studio, in Nicholls, Gungahlin, the TTY Yoga Room in the city (lunch time classes at Lifeline Canberra) and the TTY Mobile Studio (we come to you!). Classes are taught to people of all ages and abilities in a variety of styles ranging from slow and relaxing to fast and physically demanding.

Our unique teaching style at Tidy Temple Yoga keeps yoga fun, incorporating inversions and an element of partnering, while weaving into our narrative benefits, contraindications, mythical stories and yogic philosophies. Postural instruction is alignment based and you will leave each class enlightened, balanced, strengthened and transformed. Our classes include:

Ashtanga Primary Series, Beginner's Purna, General Purna, Beginner's Vinyasa Flow, Power Vinyasa Flow, Yoganetics/Purna, Yoga for Kids Yin, Yin Yang, Mysore Ashtanga (Self Practice Group) and Breakthrough Meditation.

Tidy Temple Yoga offer a holistic approach to yoga integrating physical postures pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and philosophy. Students are encouraged to develop their own home practice and attend a cross-section of classes and styles, as combining different styles using different approaches can enhance your practice; and yoga practiced twice a week or more will benefit your overall health and wellbeing exponentially.


mind your body pilates

Mind Your Body - Karen Dzialdowski

Karen Dzialdowski is the director of Mind Your Body Pilates and diploma qualified Pilates Instructor. With additional qualifications in Biomedical Science and Clinical Physiology, Karen has a keen interest and education in health, fitness and wellness.

As an avid middle distance runner, Karen found Pilates to bring balance into her exercise regime. “I found Pilates really identified areas that needed strength, others that needed stretching but also all round alignment and core strength”, Karen says. Pilates offers a full body exercise program that correlates to not only other sports but also function from day to day and rehabilitation.

After starting as a client and continuing to practice through her university studies, a move to Canberra and opportunity to pursue a career change presented. “After completing my Master’s in Canberra and having a small study break, I began to get the study itch again and decided to extend my Pilates practice into a teaching qualification” Karen says. Whilst working within clinical trials and research, Karen completed her Diploma through Pilates International Training Centre (PilatesITC), deciding then to work part time in each to build knowledge in her new career whilst keeping her hand in the research field. “Pilates ITC offers a great qualification that leaves you feeling experienced and well educated to go into the industry”.

Still with an interest in research and continuing education, Karen has increased her Pilates teaching over the past year and continues to combine her two career interests as much as possible. With goals to continue to learn and bring recognition to the Pilates industry and its importance, Karen works passionately through her teaching and instruction.

Mind Your Body Pilates currently conducts mat classes in Canberra City at 71 Northbourne Ave and QL2 Dance Studio at Gorman House.  Additionally we can arrange private sessions where you have the opportunity to experience the Corefitness roller. Duet or small group mat/ small apparatus sessions can also be arranged by appointment. Karen offers a friendly, personal and experienced service that will help you meet your wellness goals.

Classes – Monday 6pm (Lifeline Canberra), Friday 7:30am (QL2 Dance Gorman House)

Bookings essential, please contact:

Ph: 0402 079 270

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: www.mindyourbodypilates.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mindyourbodypilatescanberra